Evaporative Dry Eye Disease

Do you have dry, itchy eyes? Are they sensitive to sunlight? Does your blurred vision worsen as the day progresses? You may have a dry eye syndrome caused by evaporative dry eye. But this doesn’t mean you have to limit reading, using the computer or driving.

LipiFlow is a ground-breaking treatment for dry eyes that can make your daily discomfort a thing of the past.


What Causes Dry Eyes?

Wondering why you have dry eyes or dry eyelids? Evaporative Dry Eye is a common dry eye disease, in which the water in tears evaporates faster than normal due to an insufficient lipid (oil) layer on the tear film. Often this deficiency of oil is caused by blockage in the oil-producing glands in the eyelids, known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

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Revolutionary Dry Eye Treatment

LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation comes from the acknowledged standard in dry eye treatment, TearScience®. Consistent results have provided lasting relief to many individuals with chronic dry eyes in Canada and the United States. In a clinical study, 79% of patients reported improved overall dry eye symptoms (ranging from 10% to 100% improvement) within four weeks of a single LipiFlow treatment.

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Goodbye Dry Eyes

Worried about how to treat dry eyes? Lasting dry eye relief is only a phone call away. This new, revolutionary LipiFlow technology is available to you in Winnipeg, Canada. (It is a prescribed treatment that can only be administered by a licensed physician.) At Dr. Long’s eye care practice, we will evaluate your symptoms and tear film and gland function to determine the real reason for your dry eye symptoms. Treat this chronic disease early to avoid permanent loss of gland function, additional cell damage, or visual deterioration.

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