Many satisfied patients have found relief from Evaporative Dry Eye using the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation treatment. Here are just a few of their comments.

Patient Testimonials from the Winnipeg Dry Eye Clinic

Caroline R., Winnipeg, MB

“I am more than happy to recommend this procedure to others as it has given me so much relief and peace of mind since having it done on May 31, 2013.

I had suffered extreme discomfort, pain, irritation, scratchiness, with a great deal of sensitivity to light, to the extent I developed corneal abrasions which ended up getting infected and had to be treated on an emergency basis at the hospital. My difficulty with my eyes affected every waking moment. I was using eye drops multiple times a day, Restasis, antibiotic eye ointment, Thera-lid Eyelid Wash, hot compresses, rest, with no observable relief. I was being medically monitored but my pain and accompanying distress were not being alleviated by the program I was following.

When I heard of this treatment and was educated in the process by Samantha and Dr. Long, I nervously, but eagerly, jumped at the chance to get some relief. Sam was wonderful and made sure I understood the process and was very reassuring. After the procedure I felt immediate results. The pain and irritation was much less and this only improved as the weeks went on. There has been continued follow-up with Dr. Long and Samantha and I feel very well taken care of. For me, it has been a radical and positive change. I have my life back. All the previous symptoms have either been eradicated or have improved significantly and aren’t affecting the quality of my life. I do use the eye drops recommended by Dr. Long twice a day and try and maintain regular use of warm compresses on my eyes.

This has been an extremely positive process for me with excellent results. I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Long’s LipiFlow Treatment and I am very grateful that I was directed to his care.”

Joan S., Winnipeg, MB

“The difficulty with my eyes affected all my waking hours. The constant burning and moments of blurred vision were awful. Dr. Long’s examination showed blockage in my oil ducts. He explained how the LipiFlow procedure would help. Everything changed after this simple, painless and fast procedure. That was 8 months ago. Following the daily care recommended, my eyes are just fine.”

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“Once we started to understand what my problem was, that’s when we started to do things to make it better and that was where things changed after five years.” 



“There are days that go by I don’t need my eye drops.  It’s a matter of reclaiming hours of my life”



“I get dressed to go out…and my eyes look great, there’s nothing wrong with them. No pain anymore. The wind doesn’t bother me. It’s actually changed my life. It has.”



“It [LipiFlow] wasn’t painful at all. I don’t like anybody near my eyes, so I was a little nervous, but it was actually fine. It did not hurt. It felt a little unusual, but it was an easy treatment to undergo.”



“I had a treatment in April. I realized at the end of May and by early June I could wear a soft contact lens. Instead of wearing it for 2 hours… I was getting a full day out of it, which hadn’t happened in years. The realization that I was benefiting from the procedure came in the fact that I wasn’t thinking about my eyes.”


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